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So. You came here for an answer, right? Or maybe you don’t even know what this site is about. Anyways, I hope you leave feeling like you have just learned something worth knowing. There are a lot of people dealing with what I’m about to discuss, and they painfully hide it each and everyday–spinning on an endless carousel. As my story begins, the past couple years no one had known that anything was wrong with me, except for a few of my closest friends who even still knew little about the magnitude of my condition. The following video is a documentary I created for people dealing with the same lip condition that I have been dealing with for the past four years. It has been a great struggle, and by the determination and constant reminder of never having to look at chapstick again, I am making it through! What I am talking about is a condition that I am going to call peeling lips. Its real name is Exfoliative Cheilitis. However most doctors and dermatologists seem to be unaware of this name. Every doctor I visited never once mentioned this name to me; and they usually prescribe some horrible ointment that does nothing but make it worse. As it stands, most people would never let their lips get like I did to cure them mainly because the embarrassment is so strong that unless they are one-hundred percent sure it’s going to work they see no use in trying–which is why so many people dealing with this believe it’s incurable. I’m here to give you that one-hundred percent. So what am I talking about? This is a condition in which the lips continue to grow skin, the skin dies, and then peels off–this happens daily for some people. That was the condition for me. Whole layers of skin would turn white and dead looking and then just rub off every morning when I took a shower, and it would build up during the day, it was embarrassing and a constant quick where’s a mirror, did she just see me do that, do I have my chapstick with me?, what about my tube of ointment–oh no now I won’t make it through work! It was horrible! So here is my answer to those crusty, peeling, flaking, chapped, cracking, embarrassing lips. Keep in mind this condition is not a disease. There is no allergic reaction to anything. There is no vitamin deficiency going on. You do not have a virus. You didn’t catch an STD. Put simply, the lip skin just heals differently than the rest of the skin, and if you continue to peel off that seemingly dead skin you are only making it worse. Take a look at my documentary below, and then continue on to watch me battle through and beat peeling lips for good. Oh yeah, and stop wasting your money on those dermatologist appointments, they won’t get you anywhere with this condition. By the way, I’m not a doctor, so take my advice as is.

(February 8, 2017) 3 Year Update! And Announcement!


The video below shows everything I did to get cured

(November 5, 2015) 2 Year Update – Complete with HOW-TO GUIDE

The following videos below are older, and might be out of date.



Finally Cured!!!


1.5 Year Update!

1 Year Update!

Introduction (Outdated Info)


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The following page shows my entire cure attempt, with weekly pictures and videos. Some pictures are unfortunately broken, so I apologize in advance. However all videos are still available. I recommend that you watch EACH VIDEO FROM EACH WEEK starting from the beginning of WEEK 44 – JANUARY 4, 2013 I have created a separate page containing all relevant videos by clicking here. The password is lips.
If you would like to see the weekly Progress Pictures,
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The password is lips.

My Story – the Beginning…

I hope you enjoyed the video, and, if any of you like me might be going through this very same thing and feel like the world is about to end, I really hope I may be of some help and confidence that the world is still spinning! Please feel free to share it with your friends, as getting people to know about this condition is the first step before actually showing someone you have it. Let me be your first step. I wanted to start with some background information about myself. When I was young my lips would become dry very easily, especially during the winter time, and they would crack and bleed. This was the beginning–chapstick. I had to use it a lot during the winter. As time went on and I got older into my teen years I started using it religiously several times a day. My lips never peeled and looked perfectly normal–I just needed chapstick all of the time. I don’t know what would have happened to them had I stopped using chapstick at that point, but I can only suggest anyone who is at that point to discontinue use immediately. In 2006 when I was 18 I moved to Florida after graduating high school. For the next year or two chapstick was my best friend, it was always with me..right by my side. My lips still appeared normal. No problems. However one day in 2008 I went to the dentist and they were working on my mouth and had to stretch my lips a bit more than normal, this caused them to become very dry…and is the only thing I can relate to the very start of my peeling lip condition. I started using floss by hand where you wrap it around your fingers and I stretched my lips a lot while doing that as well. At some point early that year, which is most likely only coincidence with the dentist event as I believe this would have happened either way, small parts of my lips started getting irritated and red. It wasn’t a lot so I thought nothing of it and put chapstick on it. Eventually the persistent irritation started causing my lips to swell and start the healing process. This caused them to die faster as well, which is where the cells started shedding. I wiped the dead cells off thinking nothing of it as it wasn’t on much of my lips. As I did this it caused the healthy cells nearby to be wiped off as well and become irritated–thus starting a new cycle and healing process. This continued for a while and consistently irritated more and more parts of my lip until nearly all of it was covered. Each morning I would wake up, take a shower, rub the skin off which would be an entire layer at times…and then put chapstick or some other skin lubricant on it. After I would get out of the shower my lips would be red and mildly swollen. They never really hurt or burned though. It literally looked to me as if I were missing layers of skin…which I clearly was; however, to everyone else they appeared normal most of the time. Over four-years later and after countless dermatologist appointments, I was still stuck here getting worse and worse each day. Finally the dermatologist said something that actually made sense, which was based around “well the only time I’ve ever seen this is with cases where the person constantly picks a scab…and it never heals. They tell me they don’t pick at it, but it’s clear they do, they do it without even knowing it–they’ll sit there and pick it while they’re telling me they don’t pick it.” This sparked a thought in my head…maybe the skin I’m taking off isn’t dead? I began to think on it for a while and decided that I really do pick at my lips, every day in the shower! I hadn’t considered it picking because I was only taking the “dead skin” off. I started my first journey at the end of October in 2011. The doctor said it was okay to get wet, just not rub it off so each day I would shower and get my lips soaking wet and then head to work after they dried. The reason I stopped my first attempt was because I was going on two vacations throughout January and March and I did not want to have unsightly lips during my vacations, which you can read about on my blog at the top of this page if you wish.

Starting my Attempt at the Cure

So I started vlogging on my fifth week during my second attempt. There wasn’t really much point to record the beginning, which I wish I would have at least recorded the very first week where I went from normal-looking lips to extreme growth. But oh well, it just builds up. I’m going to post my vlogs for you to watch, which I talk about my thoughts and theories already discussed earlier. One video even has me taking the top layer of dead skin off in them so it’s definitely going to be a little bit of a shocker video!

Progress Pictures and Blog Videos

-Saturday, March 3rd, 2012-

Now it’s time for some progress pictures, and, I apologize, these started around the same time as the videos unfortunately…but it’ still a great reference to see how the skin grows. I’ll post a picture of how normal my lips looked on day one. Click any image for a full-sized picture. If you hold the CTRL button while clicking it will open up in a new tab so you don’t have to press the back button to continue reading. There is also a Button on the bottom of each week to show more pictures and videos, these will be very helpful to a lot of people, so I seriously suggest reading each “Continue Reading” page! There is a lot of detailed information that is important…I just couldn’t put it on all this page because it was becoming insanely long. Notice: If you’re on a mobile browser you won’t be able to see the following section, so please click here to see my progress pictures and videos. Additionally you can also click that link if you’re on a regular computer as well if you’d like to see each week all stuffed on one page. The password is lips.

UPDATE: 6-5-13

I am mostly just using aquaphor at the moment. And only use the steroid cream like once a week if that. My lips were starting to build up the past week, but I haven’t been out in the sun as much as it’s been cloudy and I’ve been really busy, but I was out for several hours yesterday and today my lips look amazing! So just keep on truckin guys, we’ll get there someday 🙂 P.S. if you want to see what my lips look like on a day to day basis I make YouTube videos very often now, feel free to check them out…I don’t really talk about EC in them anymore though.

6-21-13 Final update for a while

This is what is really working for me, and my lips appear to be slowly healing! I’m getting the lines back on my lips so they are starting to turn normal on the outer parts. The inner parts I am still working with 🙂 Watch the video for everything I am doing! (video is now located at the very top of this page)    …and soon to be healed completely! 🙂