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  • Coolrockstar433

    hiii daniel i want  to ask are u permanently that is 100% cured 
    please upload ur recent pic of today
    thank you 

    • Daniel Miller

      Not cured yet..I just uploaded a picture about six hours ago and posted a video…I’m just a little confused as you are posting on a page full of my progress for the past 16 weeks…but to answer your question, no I am not cured as of today.

  • Tribalbellydance

    Hi Daniel,

    Have you thought about testing for any type of fungus?
    We hope you succeed on your quest to heal best. Keep us posted.

    A & P

    • Daniel Miller

      There are several people getting testing done, but no I haven’t actually had any tests. If this fails (which I highly doubt) then I would definitely get several tests to figure out my next plan. I don’t think I will have to go that route though :) My lips get better each month!

  • Start

    What do you do to clean your crusts?

    • Daniel Miller

      I don’t clean them, I just let water run over them in the shower, that would be the extent of any cleaning.

      • chinku mike

        daniel brother u faced ur problm as same hear off me …… ineed ur help can u help me…………. i saw ur video on this page i hav some lip problam as same to urs icant eat anythng elz brotherhope u like to help me it hav 4years and nowalso ihave this problam icant cure help me brother ,im surrounded a lots of hospitals in warangal and hyderabad in india …. my problam is lip peeling im just rubberd my lip sking now ilos my sking icant to go out side but ican ican to drink water on touck lip wen im drinking water it water touch on my lip my lip skin is removeing automiticaly and im viewd the lip biopsy it results is non specific inflammation okay fine but why it was not cured tell me resouns plz tell me caram names ???? i hope u reply me back soooon brother

        chandera sekhr

        my gamil id ( im also mges send on ur fb acct bro ucant see that so plz help me……….

  • Michael

    Hello there. I have this lip peeling problem for almost 4 years now and I’m desperate to cure it. I’m a bodybuilder so I cannot really change my whole diet. Did you use any products that help the curing process? 

  • Kim

    Thank you. I’ve seen countless doctors to no avail, and every day I would be picking at my lips as I can’t stand the sight and feel of them. I never realised that might be making the problem worse! It feels dry and itchy if I don’t have pure Vaseline on it all the time. I am definitely going to take your advice and stop picking at them to see if that helps. Thank you and I hope you will eventually get to the end of your journey of recovery! Good luck.

  • Kristi

    Hey Daniel. First, I am so excited to find this site. I am not sure if this is exactly what my lips have, but I sure have big problems. I am so thankful for the information and support. I live with vaseline. I truly panic if I don’t have it with me. So when you are healing your lips, is it ok to apply vaseline, or do you have to use no moisturizers at all? I am just sitting down to watch your videos–can’t wait to make my own plan! I am an RN but I still know so little about my lip problem. Thank you so much.

  • arun

    hi daniel, I’m started the healing process,its going well, but I’m staying away from public, can’t socialize with peoples, Iam staying inside the home all day. what you were doing on your healing days? please share your personal experience, it can help me. thank you